It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to my website.


Aldous Huxley once said, "After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music." 

It has been my good fortune to spend my life immersed in the world of music, and thus draw closer to the inexpressible. 


I hope this website makes it a little easier for you to join me in that world of beauty and mystery. 

Pour écouter un autre duo de piano, le duo Isabelle et Florence Lafitte jouer ma pièce Aziyadé :

click sur la photo et aller à "écouter"

Duo KW concert "danse des continents" 2017.
-Raga E-.avi
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Concert 4 novembre 2017 15h 30 Carpentras.
M Concert 2017 Inguimbertine.pdf
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Pedago notes à écrire oct. 2017.pdf
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